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KATANA OFF-ROAD 10W50 100% SYNTHETIC & 10W60 100% SYNTHETIC Standards : JASO MA-API SL Features 100% synthetic lubricant dedicated to competition machines and expert drivers. Advantages : -> Off road dedicated: package of additives high in detergents and dispersants to protect the engine in a damp environment. -> High temperature resistance. Product recommended for long distances in the desert. -> Better cylinder protection as it is high in esters. -> More mileage covered less oil changes: the lubricant keeps its properties and its viscosity for longer. -> No clutch slip: product JASO MA certified. Due to its optimised formula Katana Off-Road 10W50 retains its viscosity for longer and maintains durable protection for the engine. Our KATANA OFF-ROAD 10W60 ester-based 100% synthetic is developed specifically for engines such as Husqvarna or KTM which recommend a hot grade of 60. For use on : Racing Off Road

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